November 1996


Belarus: President Alyaksandr Lukashenka sacks the defense minister, Leanid Maltseu. Alyaksandr Chumakau is named acting defense minister.
Ghana: Defense Minister Mahama Iddrisu takes over the additional post of interior minister.
Morocco: Former prime minister (1979-83) Maati Bouabid dies.
Sri Lanka: Former prime minister (1977-78) and president (1978-89) Junius Richard Jayewardene dies.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Former governor-general (1985-88) Sir Joseph Lambert Eustace dies.


Bulgaria: Petur Stoyanov wins the presidential election runoff with 59.7% of the vote against 40.3% for Ivan Marazov. Turnout is 62%. Stoyanov is to take office Jan. 22, 1997.
Central African Republic: Former president (1966-76) and emperor (1976-79) Jean-B閐el Bokassa dies.
Madagascar: Former president Didier Ratsiraka leads in presidential elections with 36.6%, ahead of former president Albert Zafy with 23.4%, Herizo Razafimahaleo with 15.1%, interim president Norbert Ratsirahonana with 10.1%, and Richard Andriamanjato with 4.9%. Turnout is 60%.
Romania: In the first round of presidential elections, incumbent Ion Iliescu of the Party of Social Democracy (PDSR) leads with 32.3% of the vote, against 28.2% for Emil Constantinescu of the Democratic Convention (CDR), 20.5% for former prime minister Petre Roman of the Social Democratic Union (USD), 6% for Gyorgy Frunda of the Hungarian Democratic Union (UDMR), 4.7% for Corneliu Vadim Tudor of the Greater Romania Party (PRM), and 3.2% for Gheorghe Funar of the National Unity Party (PUNR). In elections to the Chamber of Deputies, the CDR wins 30.2%, the PDSR 21.5%, the USD 12.9%, the UDMR 6.6%, the PRM 4.5%, and the PUNR 4.4%. Turnout is 76%.
Yugoslavia: In parliamentary elections, the ruling coalition comprised of the Socialist Party of Serbia, the Yugoslav Left, and New Democracy, wins 64 seats in the 138-seat federal parliament, followed by the opposition Zajedno (Together) coalition with 22 seats, the Democratic Party of Socialists with 20 seats, and the Serbian Radical Party with 16 seats. In elections to the parliament of Montenegro, the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists wins 45 out of 71 seats. Turnout is 61% in Serbia and 67% in Montenegro.


Armenia: Prime Minister Hrant Bagratyan resigns. He is replaced by Armen Sarkisyan. On November 8 Sarkisyan names Alexander Arzumanyan as foreign minister. Serzh Sarkisyan becomes interior minister.
Tanzania: The resignation of Finance Minister Simon Mbilinyi and appointment of Daniel Yona as acting finance minister is announced.


American Samoa: Gov. A.P. Lutali places third in gubernatorial elections. The top two finishers proceed to a runoff on November 19.
Canada: The lieutenant governor of Quebec, Jean-Louis Roux, resigns.
South Korea: Foreign Minister Gong Ro Myung resigns. The next day Yoo Chong Ha is named to succeed him.
Pakistan: President Farooq Leghari dismisses Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and appoints Miraj Khalid as interim prime minister. Sahabzada Yaqub Khan becomes foreign minister; Shahid Hamid, defense minister.
Palau: President Kuniwo Nakamura is reelected with 64% of the votes against 36% for Ibedul Yutaka Gibbons. Tommy Remengesau is elected vice president.
Puerto Rico: Gov. Pedro Rossell?of the New Progressive Party wins reelection with 51.1% of the vote against 44.5% for San Juan mayor H閏tor Luis Acevedo of the Popular Democratic Party.
electoral map United States: Presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial elections. President Bill Clinton (Democrat) wins reelection with 49.2% of the vote, compared to 40.7% for Bob Dole (Republican), 8.4% for Ross Perot (Reform), 0.7% for Ralph Nader (Green), and 0.5% for Harry Browne (Libertarian). Clinton carries 31 states and the District of Columbia, for a total of 379 electoral votes; Dole carries 19 states with 159 electoral votes. Elections to all 435 House of Representatives and 34 (out of 100) Senate seats result in the Republicans keeping control of both houses. The Senate lineup will be 55 Republicans, 45 Democrats; in the House, there will be 227 Republicans, 207 Democrats, and one independent. Turnout is 51.5%. Results of gubernatorial elections:


Japan: Parliament reelects Ryutaro Hashimoto as prime minister. He receives 262 votes in the 500-member lower house. Hashimoto then names a new cabinet comprised solely of LDP members. Yukihiko Ikeda retains his post as foreign minister. The new finance minister is Hiroshi Mitsuzuka, the defense minister Fumio Kyuma, the home affairs minister Katsuhiko Shirakawa. Hashimoto's minority government is supported by the Social Democrats and Sakigake, his former coalition partners.
Mozambique: President Joaquim Chissano dismisses Interior Minister Manuel Antonio Mucananda.
Nigeria: Former foreign minister (1961-65) Jaja Anucha Wachuku dies.
Vietnam: Nguyen Sinh Hung becomes finance minister and Le Minh Huong interior minister.


Turkey: Interior Minister Mehmet Agar resigns. He is succeeded by Meral Aksener.


Canada: Former Prince Edward Island premier (1986-93) Joseph A. Ghiz dies.


Georgia: In the breakaway region of South Ossetia, Lyudvig Chibirov wins presidential elections with about 52% of the vote, against about 23% for Gerasim Khugayev. Turnout is about 61%. Chibirov is inaugurated as president on November 27.
Lithuania: In the second round of parliamentary elections, the conservative Homeland Union wins 35 of 65 contested seats. Turnout is about 40%. The Homeland Union will have a total of 70 seats in the 141-member Parliament, followed by the Christian Democrats with 16 and the Lithuanian Democratic Labour Party with 12.
Slovenia: Prime Minister Janez Drnovsek's Liberal Democrats win 27% of the vote and 25 out of 90 seats in parliamentary elections, followed by the People's Party with 19.4% (19 seats), the Social Democrats with 16.1% (16 seats), the Christian Democrats with 9.6% (10 seats), the United List of Social Democrats with 9% (9 seats), the Democratic Pensioners' Party with 4.3% (5 seats), and the Nationalist Party with 3.2% (4 seats); two seats are reserved for the Italian and Hungarian minorities. Turnout is 73.7%.


Montserrat: In parliamentary elections, the People's Progressive Alliance (PPA) and the Movement for National Reconstruction (MNR) win two seats each (35% and 22.1% of the vote), while Chief Minister Reuben Meade's National Progressive Party (NPP) wins only one (19.2%). Independent candidates take the remaining two seats in the 7-member Parliament. Turnout is 58.1%. On November 13 Bertrand Osborne of the MNR is sworn in as new chief minister, heading a coalition with the NPP and one independent.
Nauru: Parliament elects Bernard Dowiyogo president with 8 votes against 7, following a no-confidence vote in the government of Lagumot Harris. After another no-confidence vote, Kennan Adeang replaces Dowiyogo on November 26.


Guadeloupe: Jean Fedini becomes prefect.

India: Om Prakash Sharma takes office as governor of Nagaland.


Bulgaria: Foreign Minister Georgi Pirinski resigns. He is replaced by Irina Bokova.


Maldives: Former prime minister (1972-75) Ahmed Zaki dies.


Czech Republic: The conservative Civic Democratic Party (ODS) wins 36.5% of the vote in the first round of elections to the newly-created Senate (upper house) held November 15 and 16, followed by the Social Democrats (CSSD) with 20.3%. Turnout is 35%. The ODS wins 3 seats outright, and the Christian Democrats (KDU-CSL) 1. The remaining 77 seats will be decided in a second round held November 22-23.


Moldova: In the first round of presidential elections, incumbent Mircea Snegur (Party of Revival and Conciliation) leads with 38.7% of the vote, ahead of parliamentary chairman Petru Lucinschi (independent) with 27.7%, Vladimir Voronin (Communist) with 10.3%, Prime Minister Andrei Sangheli (Agrarian Democratic Party) with 9.5%, and Valeriu Matei (Party of Democratic Forces) with 8.9%. Turnout is 67%.

Romania: The presidential election runoff is won by Emil Constantinescu, who gets 54.4% of the vote to 45.6% for Ion Iliescu. Turnout is 75.9%. Constantinescu is sworn in November 29.
Thailand: The parliamentary election results in the following distribution of seats: New Aspiration Party (NAP) 125, Democrat Party 123, Chart Pattana Party 52, Chart Thai Party 39, Social Action Party 20, Prachakorn Thai Party 18, Solidarity Party 8, Seritham Party 4, Muan Chon Party 2, Palang Dharma Party 1, Thai Party 1 (total 393). Turnout is 62.4%. A coalition comprising the NAP, Chart Pattana, Social Action, Prachakorn Thai, Seritham, and Muan Chon parties is agreed on, to be headed by NAP leader Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, who is appointed prime minister on November 25 and appoints his cabinet on November 29.


Belarus: Prime Minister Mikhail Chyhir resigns. President Alyaksandr Lukashenka appoints the deputy prime minister for finance, Syarhei Linh, as acting prime minister.

Canada: In the provincial election in Prince Edward Island, the Progressive Conservatives win 47.5% of the vote and 18 seats, followed by the Liberals with 44.7% (8 seats) and the New Democratic Party with 7.9% (1 seat). On November 27 Pat Binns (PC) is sworn in as premier, succeeding Keith Milligan (Liberal).
Zambia: Presidential and parliamentary elections. President Frederick Chiluba of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy wins 70% of the presidential vote, ahead of his rivals Dean Mungomba (Zambian Democratic Congress) with 12%, Humphrey Mulemba (National Party) with 6%, Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika (Agenda for Zambia) with 4%, and Chama Chakomboka (Movement for Democratic Process) with 3%. Chiluba's party also wins 131 of the 150 elected parliamentary seats. Turnout is about 40%.


American Samoa: Tauese P. Sunia wins the gubernatorial election runoff, with 51.2% of the vote, over Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid (48.8%).
S鉶 Tom?and Pr韓cipe: President Miguel Trovoada names Raul Bragan鏰 of the Movement for the Liberation of S鉶 Tom?and Pr韓cipe/Social Democratic Party (MLSTP/PSD) to replace Armindo Vaz d'Almeida as prime minister. Bragan鏰 will head a coalition between the MLSTP/PSD and the Party of Democratic Convergence (PCD). Homero Jer髇imo Salvaterra becomes foreign minister.


Cayman Islands: The ruling National Team coalition wins 9 of 15 seats in a general election. The Democratic Alliance wins 2 seats, Team Cayman 1, and independents 3. Turnout is 86%.


Estonia: Six ministers including Foreign Minister Siim Kallas and Interior Minister M鋜t Rask resign. On November 22 Riivo Sinij鋜v is appointed acting foreign minister.

Kaur Bhattal
India: Rajinder Kaur Bhattal is sworn in as chief minister of Punjab, replacing Harcharan Singh Brar.
Isle of Man: In parliamentary elections, only nonpartisans are elected.
Sierra Leone: In a cabinet reshuffle, Shirley Gbujama replaces Maigore Kallon as foreign minister.


Sweden: Prime Minister G鰎an Persson survives a parliamentary no-confidence motion 204-119.
United States: Former Tennessee governor (1975-79) Ray Blanton dies.


Czech Republic: The second round of Senate elections held November 22 and 23 results in the following final party standings (including seats decided in the first round): ODS 32, CSSD 25, KDU-CSL 13, ODA 7, KSCM 2, others 2. Turnout is about 30%.
Niger: The Union of Independents for Democratic Renewal (the party supporting President Ibrahim Bar?Ma飊assara) wins 58 of 83 parliamentary seats in elections boycotted by the main opposition parties. Turnout is 39.2%.


Tuvalu: Former governor-general (1986-90) Sir Tupua Leupena dies.


Czech Republic: Former prime minister (1969-70) Josef Kempn?dies.



Azerbaijan: Artur Rasizade is officially confirmed as prime minister, having been acting prime minister since July.


Lithuania: President Algirdas Brazauskas names Gediminas Vagnorius as prime minister. Parliament endorses him the next day in a 90-5 vote with 20 abstentions.
Mauritius: Vasant Kumar Bunwaree becomes finance minister.



Australia: John Olsen becomes premier of South Australia.


Bangladesh: Former foreign minister (1991-96) A.S.M. Mostafizur Rahman dies. 中国夫妇性视频chinese_被老头下药强奷到爽电影_被吃奶跟添下面特舒服